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    A tribute to Robin Williams by Eric Goldberg (Supervising Animator of Genie).


  2. Last night the news broke about the death of Robin Williams. I was greatly saddened and so heartbroken to hear of his death. While at the Studios I was able to visit the Disney Legends Hall of Fame. The first set of handprints I sought were his. 

    RIP Robin, you will continue to be the greatest inspiration. 


  3. 'World of Color' at Disneyland's California Adventure was beautiful! 


  4. Photos in books, clips from documentaries and minor glimpses on YouTube. This is how I had previously gained access to the Disney building. But a few days ago, I was allowed in. 

    I recently received an email from Disney, USA. They had seen the project and asked if I had a copy they could hang up at the Studios in Burbank, California, in the building where it all started. You can probably imagine my reaction to receiving the message. (There were tears!).

    Before I knew it, I was on a plane (the print on another) and packing the car at 5AM with the print in the boot and headed for Disney HQ from San José.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get here. With my heart beating exponentially the closer I got to Burbank, upon being given a Disney pass with my name on it, I wondered whether I’d be able to make it past the entrance without fainting. I managed to hold myself together, and after meeting my contact we began to walk around the Studio Lot. I got to see the all the things I had only ever seen through a screen or in books. This was a literal dream come true.

    I got to stand on the famous steps of the original Animation building, see the multiplane camera and take a look inside the Disney Archives. (I email the DA office from time to time with questions, so to be allowed inside was another dream come true). It felt as though I was re-tracing (some literal) steps of Disney history, which was at times quite moving. I’ll be uploading more photos in the next couple of posts!

    The studio doesn’t allow for public tours, so this was such a wonderful thing to have experienced, and I’m so thankful for being given that opportunity. The print is now in the hands of the Disney mounters.

    For my work to hang in the building where it all started is both an honour and a privilege—it’s a dream come true. Thank you to everyone at Disney for your generosity and kindness, and for allowing me to experience this; it is something I will never forget. This print is a celebration of your company, your history and your legacy. For it to be taken in and hung up on the wall in Burbank means the world. Thank you for this. But most of all, thank you for making work that has inspired my own.


  5. I passed by Pixar in Emeryville today! It was pretty neat!


  6. *UPDATE!*

    So things have been pretty exciting as of late!

    I’m currently in California! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, and CA is awesome and I am absolutely loving my time here! Be sure to keep up to date as things unfold in the coming weeks!

    To everyone that has emailed requesting quotes for prints, again, thank you so much for being so patient, a price list with size options will be up on the blog very soon, so hold tight! I’d love each and every one of you to have a copy!


  7. Photo from earlier this year! Blending stars in the dark!


  8. I organised for a very special print to be delivered to a very special place yesterday…! 


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    Stay alert.

    Stay alert! Lots of exciting news coming soon!


  10. Hola y gracias a Gizmodo Español! 


  11. A big thank-you to Creative Review for my write-up and the lovely Antonia for my interview! 


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    How we feel trying to get work done on Friday.



  13. This is something I started doing right at the beginning of the project - when you watch that many Disney films, you start to pick up on similarities! Who knows, I might just create a new landscape — this time with scenes a little closer to home! :D

    Pocahontas (1995) / The Lion King (1994) / Hercules (1997)


  14. The print eventually had to come down off the wall at the end of our show in London. You can get a feel for just how shiny this metallic paper is in this - it really comes to life in print!

    This particular copy of the work has been professionally mounted and now belongs to Kingston University. It’s currently being displayed in the Knight Park campus building.


  15. Photo credit goes to Francis North!

    This is one of my tutors standing in front of the print when it first went up at our University Degree show in Kingston!